Legal Notice

Legal notice

Persons who look up information published on the website of LC Investments Fund SICAV AG on the World Wide Web declare their acceptance of the following terms:

Regulatory authority

LC Investments Fund SICAV AG Alternative Investment Fund, Vaduz, is an investment Company by the FMA Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein (

Limited offering

The information published on the LC Investments Fund SICAV AG website constitutes neither a request nor an offer or a recommendation for the purchase or sale of investment instruments or for the carrying out of other transactions.
The content on the LC Investments Fund SICAV AG website is not intended for those persons who are subject to a legal system which prohibits the publication, or respectively, access to the LC Investments Fund SICAV AG website (due to the nationality of the person affected, their country of residence or for any other reason). Persons, who are affected by such conditions, are not allowed to access the LC Investments Fund SICAV AG website.

Without warranty

The information presented here has been compiled by LC Investments Fund SICAV AG using the utmost care. Notwithstanding, LC Investments Fund SICAV AG accepts no liability for the correctness, completeness and actuality on the information contained within the website. The content of the website can be changed at any time without prior notice. The information on the website does not represent advice in decision making. In the case of investment decisions, please allow yourself to be advised by qualified personnel.

Warning against risks

Please note that the value of an investment can rise as well as fall. The future performance of investments cannot be determined by previous price development. Investments in foreign currencies are subject, in addition, to exchange rate movements. Investments with high volatility can be subject to large changes in price. These price movements can meet the extent of the invested amount or indeed exceed it. The preservation of the capital invested can therefore not be guaranteed.

Exclusion of liability

LC Investments Fund SICAV AG is not liable under any circumstances (including negligence) for losses or damages (direct damages as well as indirect and consequential damages) of any kind, which could occur due to the use of, or in connection with the access, the use, or the retrieval of the LC Investments Fund SICAV AG website or due the linking of the LC Investments Fund SICAV AG website with the websites of third parties.


The entire content and the structure of the LC Investments Fund SICAV AG website are protected by copyright. All rights reserved. The complete or partial reproduction, the transmission in electronic form or by other means, the modification or the use of public or commercial purposes is prohibited without the prior written permission of LC Investments Fund SICAV AG.

Links to third party websites

The website of third parties can be visited via hyperlinks. LC Investments Fund SICAV AG accepts no responsibility for their content and for the offers made there (products, services, etc.).

E-mail communication

E-mail communication with LC Investments Fund SICAV AG is currently open and unencrypted. Therefore, it cannot be excluded that such sent data could be seen by third parties and that communication with our institution could be understood. In addition, the information could circulate across borders, even when both the sender and receiver are in the same county.
Therefore, discretion cannot always be sufficiently guaranteed with communication via e-mail. We therefore ask you to refrain from sending client data and orders for business transactions (account openings, payment instructions, stock exchange orders, etc.) via this medium.